Imphal Cabinet Meeting Addresses Student Murders and President’s Rule

By MP Staff

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Imphal Cabinet Meeting Addresses Student Murders and President's Rule

In a recent state cabinet meeting in Imphal, a total of 51 agendas were deliberated upon. During this meeting, Union Home Minister Amit Shah reportedly reached out to Chief Minister N. Biren to convey his commitment to ensuring strict punishment for those responsible for the tragic murder of two students.

According to sources close to the matter, discussions in the cabinet extended to the possibility of imposing President’s Rule in Manipur as a measure to quell the ongoing violence. The resolution, if passed, would be forwarded to the central government for consideration.

As the cabinet weighed these critical issues, Union Home Minister Amit Shah initiated three phone calls to Chief Minister N. Biren, emphasizing the central government’s continued support for Manipur. He also urged caution in making any decisions that might exacerbate the existing turmoil in the region.

In addition to addressing the two missing students’ viral photos, Chief Minister N. Biren implored Minister Amit Shah to take resolute action. In response, the Home Minister pledged that the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) would be dispatched to Imphal on a special flight on Wednesday to lead the investigation into the case and identify the culprits for prosecution under the law.

The Director’s arrival in Imphal is expected to expedite the necessary investigative procedures.

Details regarding the remaining agendas discussed during the cabinet meeting have not been disclosed at this time. The meeting was attended by ministers Awangbow Newmai, Khashim Vashum, Dr. S Ranjan, S Susindro, and Govindas Konthoujam, while some other ministers were unable to attend due to being out of town.