The Joint Students’ Body Lamka: A Discussion on Commitment and Vision

By MP Staff

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The Joint Students' Body Lamka: A Discussion on Commitment and Vision

In the vibrant town of Churachandpur, a rally against educational negligence recently stirred the educational landscape. The Joint Students’ Body, Lamka (JSB), spearheaded this movement, with over 20,000 students passionately participating. However, the success of the rally was tinged with concerns, as some schools chose not to partake in this crucial event.

Non-Participation Riddle

JSB perceived the absence of students from certain schools as a potential lack of commitment to the cause of Kuki-Zo students’ future. To address this puzzle, JSB initiated a comprehensive discussion with the representatives of the non-participating schools on the Monday following the rally.

Insights from the Discussion

During the dialogue, school representatives appreciated JSB’s initiative but shed light on the reasons behind their non-participation. Issues such as communication gaps, the outstation of school owners, and a request from KSO Churachandpur played a role in keeping some students away.

Appreciation Amidst Adversities

JSB, in a statement, acknowledged that certain student bodies have become tools in the hands of adversaries aiming to derail meaningful movements. However, it passionately appealed to all stakeholders to recognize that students and educational matters transcend tribal and functional boundaries.

The body emphasized its commitment to addressing education-related issues regardless of tribe or location. It made it clear that JSB is not bound by functional areas or communities but is steadfast in its pursuit of a separate and improved education system.

Impactful Developments

JSB considered a press statement from the additional secretary (higher & technical education) as a positive step forward. It addressed various student-related issues, demonstrating the impact of the overwhelming rally on Saturday. However, JSB views these developments as short-term measures, addressing some immediate needs of the students.

A Vision for Tomorrow

JSB reiterates its commitment to total separation in education and continuing the fight for a distinct education system. It urges everyone involved to recognize the broader vision and not let differences hinder the pursuit of quality education for all.


In conclusion, the JSB discussion brought forth a nuanced understanding of the challenges and commitments surrounding the rally against educational negligence. While hurdles exist, JSB remains resolute in its mission for a better education system, irrespective of tribe or geographical boundaries.