In Shocking Manipur Incident, Viral Images Depict Tragic Fate of 2 Missing Students and 2 Armed Individuals

By MP Staff

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In a heart-wrenching turn of events, two teenagers who vanished without a trace on July 6 have become the focus of a harrowing story that has gripped the nation. Recent photos circulating on social media have shown these youngsters in captivity, surrounded by individuals armed with sophisticated weaponry. These images have shocked the collective conscience of our society, and the subsequent discovery of their lifeless bodies near a boulder in a remote forested area has only deepened the tragedy.

The Call for Justice

The news of these teens’ abduction and eventual demise sent shockwaves across the nation. In response to this distressing situation, the state government swiftly took action, announcing that the case had been handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), in accordance with the wishes of the people of the state. This move was seen as a crucial step towards ensuring a thorough and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding their disappearance and the identification of those responsible for their tragic fate.

Collaborative Investigations

In a press release issued by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on a somber Monday night, it was revealed that the state police were actively collaborating with central security agencies to investigate this chilling case. Their goal is to shed light on the perplexing circumstances that led to the teens’ disappearance and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Simultaneously, security forces have initiated a comprehensive search operation to apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.

Government’s Commitment

In this trying time, the government has left no room for doubt about its commitment to justice. It has reassured the public that swift and decisive action will be taken against anyone involved in the kidnapping and murder of Hemjit and Linthoingambi. The government’s message is clear: justice must prevail, and those found guilty will face severe punishment. The release also urged the public to exercise restraint and trust the authorities to handle the investigation professionally and impartially.


The Disappearance

The story began when Hijam Linthoingambi of Tera Tongbram and Phijam Hemanjit of Takyel Kolom Leikai went missing on that fateful day in July. They had left home for a coaching class, setting off a chain of events that would haunt the community. Distressed, both families filed missing person reports with Imphal West district police, setting the wheels of the investigation in motion.

The Clues

CCTV footage revealed the last moments of the two teenagers as they rode a KTM bike towards Nambol from a coaching center in Keishampat. The footage provided a glimmer of hope and a starting point for the investigators. As the search intensified, reports from concerned citizens suggested that the two might have been headed towards Khoupum through Lamdan. However, the investigation hit a roadblock due to the region’s turmoil, with the area being dominated by the Kuki community, making it challenging for the police to follow up effectively. Consequently, the case was transferred to the CBI in the pursuit of a breakthrough.

The Viral Images

While the investigation was underway, a series of photos began circulating on social media. These images depicted the two teenagers in the custody of heavily armed individuals, suspected to be Kuki militants, and later, their lifeless bodies were found near a boulder. The authenticity of these images added further perplexity to an already baffling case. Despite numerous attempts, The People’s Chronicle was unable to obtain a statement from the family members during this trying time.

The Pleas for Safety

The anguish of the families and the concern of the community prompted a series of protests and appeals. Both family members and concerned citizens organized rallies and submitted memorandums to the Chief Minister, urging expedited efforts to locate and secure the safe release of the two missing teenagers. However, as time passed, neither the local police nor the CBI were able to make a significant breakthrough in the case.

In conclusion, the story of Hemjit and Linthoingambi is a heartrending tale that has captured the nation’s attention. Their mysterious disappearance, the subsequent discovery of their captivity and tragic fate, and the ongoing investigations have left many questions unanswered. The government’s commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice offers a glimmer of hope in this dark chapter.


  1. Q: What led to the disappearance of Hemjit and Linthoingambi?
    A: The two teenagers went missing after leaving home for a coaching class.
  2. Q: Why was the case transferred to the CBI?
    A: Due to the complexities of the investigation and challenges in the region, the case was transferred to the CBI.
  3. Q: Were there any leads in the case?
    A: CCTV footage provided some initial leads, but the investigation faced challenges in the area.
  4. Q: What do the viral images depict?
    A: The images show the teenagers in captivity and, later, their lifeless bodies near a boulder.
  5. Q: What is the government’s stance on the case?
    A: The government is committed to ensuring justice prevails and is actively pursuing the case to bring the perpetrators to justice.